Morelli's in a Nutshell

March 1st, 2017

Our family has been making ice cream for five generations to a trademark recipe which was introduced into the UK in 1907, when Giuseppe Morelli started selling it from the back of his bicycle.

The Morelli business grew locally under Giuseppe and then nationally by his son Marino, until there was a nationwide network of ice cream and coffee bars around the UK. The next generation grew up living, breathing…..and eating ice cream too!

We are a premium coffee and gelato company that has been making freshly made gelato everyday since 1907. We are very proud of the fact that our family have carefully created and crafted our products for five generations. We have grown from selling one flavour of gelato from a bicycle to Ice cream parlours across the globe that boast an array of delightful treats. As well as having stores in Broadstairs, Portobello and Covent Garden. We put our growth down to passion and love of what we do.

Morelli’s recently featured in British Heritage Travel as one of Britain’s most iconic shops. British Heritage Shopkeeper