Fresh Gelato

'Gelato' is the Italian word for 'ice cream'. In Italy, ice cream was traditionally made fresh every day, in contrast to industrial mass market ice cream, and was typically milk-based not cream-based.

Fresh ice cream is soft and velvety and has a very different consistency to industrial ice cream which is deep frozen and generally has a long shelf life.

Milk based gelato is also a healthier product as it is less heavy and contains much less fat than many mass produced ice creams, making it easier to digest and not so filling. We also believe the flavours are more intense and cleaner as high levels of fat can coat the tongue and dull the tastebuds. Italian gelato does not need to be 'over-flavoured' to compensate for this.


The quality of our product is ensured in two ways:

  • we use the best ingredients available and
  • we make our product fresh daily

We train all our 'gelatiere' (the Italian word for 'ice cream chef') to ensure they are able to produce gelato in this quintessentially Italian way.

In addition to the quality of our ice cream, each ingredient we use - from our toppings to our nuts, has been carefully sourced to ensure the best quality all round.


We have made hundreds of flavours over the years - here are our regular flavours that you will usually find in all our stores:

  • Vanilla - made to Morelli's trademark 1907 family recipe
  • Banana - selected prime-grade and naturally sweet bananas
  • Chocolate - made from highest grade cocoa from Venezuela
  • Caramel - a smooth, creamy South American -inspired 'dulce de leche' flavour
  • Strawberry - sun-ripened strawberries for the perfect balance between sweetness and sharpness
  • Yoghurt - a low fat, low sugar option - sweetened only with natural fructose
  • Wildberry - a taste of summer - made using a delicious blend of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and wild strawberries
  • Lemon - made using lemons ripened under the sunny Sorrento sky
  • Mango - made using Alfonso mangos from India, considered to be the best in terms of sweetness, richness and flavour
  • Coffee - made using our own blend of award winning single estate Kilimanjaro coffee
  • Pistachio - from Bronte, a small village perched on the side of Mount Etna in Sicily, and famous for it's premium pistachios
  • Coconut - from the sun-kissed coastal plantations of Sri Lanka
  • Nocciola - 'IGP' sourced from special certified area of Piedmont, Italy - renowned for growing the finest hazelnuts in the world