A new scoop! Is it good?November 2013

We heard about the Belle-V ice cream scoop and wanted to give it a try so we asked our Product Director and all-round ice cream guru Gino Soldan to check it out.

The scoop’s creator claims that the ergonomic design helps with scooping fresh-from-the-freezer ice cream without breaking your wrist due to the angled head and heat-conducting capability of the metal used to make the scoop.

So, what was Gino’s verdict? He loved the beauty of the scoop and is so beautiful that it doesn’t need to be hidden away in the utensils draw. He tested it on supermarket-bought deep freeze ice cream and for this hard ice cream it was very good scooping and was easier than most scoops at getting ice cream that likes to hide in the corner of the container!

However when using it on our gelato or soft gelato it didn't perform any differently to a standard scoop. You see, our gelato is obviously best enjoyed freshly made in our stores, but if you need to have some at home in your freezer (and we all know that’s a perfectly normal desire!) we always recommend that you leave your gelato for 15 minutes to ‘warm up’ and soften to the correct gelato consistency. We know this wait can be torture, but these 15 minutes make all the difference to your sublime gelato experience! This soft, creamy consistency means that any old scoop will do, and you can even use a spoon to scoop out your gelato.

So, in conclusion we do love this scoop as it is beautiful. For anyone unlucky enough to not have access to our delicious gelato it certainly helps with digging hard ice cream out of its container, but for our gelato it really isn’t necessary.