Join European Gelato Day at Morelli's Gelato on 24th March!March 2013

European Gelato Day With our dual Italian and British heritage, Morelli's Gelato is delighted to support the first European Artisan Gelato Day on 24th March 2013.d

Artisan European Gelato-Makers (Gelatieri) are coming together to promote traditional artisan methods and high quality European ingredients.

On 24th March 2013, all participating Gelato-Makers will be making their very own interpretation of a special flavour created especially for this day: European Fantasy.

Inspired by the flavours and variety of Europe, our Morelli's Gelato version of European Fantasy combines our trademark Morelli's dairy vanilla with the delicious nutty crunch of roasted, caramelised almonds and rich swirls of delicious chocolate sauce. We are sure you will enjoy every mouthful!

So make a note in your diary to come and join in Artisan Gelato Day at Morelli's Gelato on 24th March, and experience European Fantasy for yourself!