Our Products

Where the mountains of Paria cascade to the azure waters of the Western Caribbean swept by the currents of the Boca Del Dragon as they flow out through the Boca de Serpiente lies the ancient cradle of the cacao bean. This is the source of our Chocolate. And so the hunt goes for all of the flavours developed and perfected by Morelli’s. Pure Pistachio, DOCG Hazelnut, Coffee……Strawberries, Alphonse Mango, from the southern garden states of India … none of our flavours have artificial flavouring or colouring instead relying on the natural colours and intensity of flavour from the exquisite ingredients sourced.

Every morning our Gelatiere call forth the ingredients of life and the earth … fire, water, milk and honey, and every single morning churn the fresh gelato for the day. The beautiful Sundaes, soft fresh scoops, sumptuous milkshakes, hot crepe’s, waffles, gateaux, fresh croissants, panini and focaccia … or perhaps a simple freshly roasted signature blend coffee, hailing from the misty foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro….